#MusicMonday: A John Mayer Song that Inspires Me

Happy Monday everyone,

Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend!

Today I want to talk about a song that inspires me.
Do you ever find yourself listening to the same song over and over without knowing why? Well that’s what happened to me with this John Mayer song:

In the Blood from his latest album “The Search for Everything”.

At first I didn’t know the true reason. Before I start, I want to say that John Mayer is an amazing talented musician. In the Blood is not his most complex and by listening to the music itself, it is very simplistic, but when you go deeper into it, when you actually listen to the lyrics, this song is just amazing. Its simplicity makes the lyric stand out and more powerful.

In my opinion, I think the reasons why a song sticks is that you can relate to it in some ways. A song can have different interpretation.

Here is my interpretation of In the Blood: Click here for the lyrics

I think this song goes very well with the title of his album and it comes deep in he’s heart.

I feel like he’s questioning himself, questioning why things are the way they are, how is life should be. In fact, I think he’s searching himself. I think what he means is that the love he’s receiving isn’t what he needs or wants, but in order to find what he needs, he will need to make some personal changes, but can he change what already done, Is he able overcome the challenges… or will it just go away on its own or it is destiny?

What are your interpretation? I would love to hear about it!

Enjoy your day!


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