Book Blurb: A Stranger in the House

A Stranger in the house by Shari Lapena

Wow! let’s just say I was lucky again for this book! It was full of suspense and keeps you wanting to read more! Let’s just say, it leaves a lot of question in your head. Do we really know the people around us? How far would you go to get away from unwanted people in your life? How many lies do we face every day? Are people you care about telling you everything or they are hiding parts of their lives because they feel we don’t need to know?

We may never know, but it is nerve-wracking to think that the person you live with may not be who they truly are. Below is my blurb about A Stranger in the house. You can visit the Kobo version here.

Tom came home late from work one evening and when he pulled into the driveway, he noticed something odd. His wife Karen’s car wasn’t there. At first, he thought she went for a quick errand, but when he got inside, he realized her purse was still there and she left the door unlocked which is unusual for her. It seemed like she left the house in a hurry.

As Tom called 911 to report her missing, a police officer showed up on his doorstep with the bad news that his wife got into an accident and have been admitted to the hospital. He learned she was speeding and drove recklessly, which seemed out of character for Karen.

When Karen comes back to her senses, Tom and the police officer tries to understand what happened, but unfortunately, Karen doesn’t remember anything of what happened the night before due to her concussion that caused amnesia.

Approximately a week after her accident, the police started an investigation. In fact, they found a dead body in an abandoned restaurant close to where she crashed her car, meaning that they have an eye on her not only for one the reckless driving but also for a possible murder!! They found evidence that she was on scene or at least someone took her car, but she can’t remember what happened that night. Police officers and her husband are starting to wonder if she’s telling the truth or if she’s faking it. Things are not looking good for Karen.

As the police investigation unfolds, the police officer discovers that Karen isn’t who she says she is. After finding evidence on the scene of the crime, she gets arrested and goes to jail. As time goes by, Tom comes to the realization that Brigid, his across the street neighbor, was a witness and is blackmailing him telling the police. She was at the scene of the murder that night and she is madly in love with Tom to a point that she’d do anything to make sure Karen gets convicted of the murder.

Who was that man at the murder scene?  Did she commit what she’s been convicted of? Will she get away with murder? How far will Brigid go to get Tom?

I will let you figure it out! 🙂

Happy Reading!


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