EP Release: Mully Jackson – Goodbye Jack

Back in June 2017, it was my first time attending an EP release and I would say that I loved it!

Before I start, let me talk about a person that inspires me; Jake Kovacevic, my guitar teacher. He was one of the opening act at the show and I could see how passionate and talented he is.

Before I started learning guitar with him, my motivation was low and I was about to give up. This guy has such a great charisma and his passion for music brought me to a different perspective. He brought my love for music back and made me explore different types of music which brings me to this EP release.

I learned about Mully Jackson because of him. I wanted to see my teacher play live and this was my opportunity to do so in this Goodbye Jack EP release.

When I learned about the band, Mully Jackson, I downloaded their songs and what a surprise it was! This band is great! I love their song “Fork in the Road” and “Broken Hearted”.

This was their first EP release, they are very new and I strongly suggest to look them up. Probably a new hit coming soon if not already! Click here to go to their website.

There was another opening act that I shouldn’t omit to mention. Frank Moyo who was also very talented was a really good singer. Enjoyed his performance.

I’ve had a great night overall!

I’ve learned this week that Mully Jackson are working on another EP, looking forward to hearing it!

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