Day 3: 12 Days of Gratitude Challenge

Some days,  time appears to go faster than others. Why is that?

Have you ever noticed that when you do something you’re comfortable with, time goes much slower than when you do something you don’t do often? New experiences make life appear to go at a faster pace because we are learning, doing something new or unfamiliar and we are more focused on what we’re doing.

The question for this third day of the gratitude challenge is:

What experience are you the most grateful to have had
and how did it change your life?

I think the experience I am most grateful for is for me to take a chance, leave everything behind and move to another province. My mother had moved a few years before me and I am grateful she took me in until I got settled. When I first got here, I didn’t know English. I came from a small city east of Quebec and of course, my native language is French and the only experience I had with English is really what I have learned in school, which is not much.

Being challenged to make myself understood, I took some classes in our community center, got a job, went to college and found my way in this new province that I now call home.

I will admit, it was not easy. Not being understood or misunderstood for the longest time was frustrating. A lot of my family didn’t understand why I did that and I am sure they still don’t. A few of them were even mad at me but I needed a change and do this for me.

This life-changing experience made me who I am today. It taught me life skills, I learned a new language which gives me a lot more opportunities.

Sometimes, when you go away from everything, it gives you a different perspective.

What is your experience that changed your life?

Thanks for reading!

~ Melanie

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