New Year’s Resolution

It’s ALMOST 2018. Have you made your resolution yet?

I think it is good to reflect at the end of the year on what our goals are. It could be reassessing last years goals or creating new ones, but as humans, we need that feeling of working toward something and achieving it.

Some people don’t believe in New Year’s resolution and sometimes it’s only because they set unattainable goals and they set themselves to failure right at the beginning.

I have many goals this year and I decided to focus on my TWO main ones. Once those are part of my routine and become a habit, I will add more. The two goals are targeting my health which is the most important in my opinion. Without your health, you can’t achieve anything else.

Exercise regularly

I am already going to the gym at least 3 times a week, but I was not focussing on anything specific. I stopped running a few years back since my knees were giving me issues and now that I am pain-free, I want to start again. I want to start slow following a program and not cheat. This will allow me to get used to it and maybe avoid the pain to come back. I possibly would like to do a half marathon next November.

Healthy Eating

I want to be more careful about what I am eating. We usually eat out often every weekend. I want to try to reduce this expense and cook myself. I also want to try to eat more vegetarian meals and see if it will help with my weight loss goal. Ultimately I would like to lose 15 lbs by April for our vacation in the Dominican.

There are many benefits of these two goals. I will have more energy, feel good about myself, lose weight, save some money and much more. In order to keep myself motivated, I have the fact that I will be wearing a swimsuit in April and also there is a tattoo I really want to have done and I am telling myself that I will do it only if I achieve my goal since I will be saving some money.

A fun way to set your resolution is to make a vision board which I have talked about in my previous post: In 2018, I will… and maybe would like to read.

As it’s ALMOST time to ring the New Year, it’s time to reflect on what you’d like to accomplish in 2018.

What would be the #1 goal you’d like to accomplish this year? Happy New Year everyone!


~ Melanie

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