Dear Mother Nature, why do you give us this frigid Weather?

Dear Mother Nature,

While scientist claims the Arctic is melting … Why are we freezing here down here in Toronto? I don’t say scientist aren’t right, but it surely doesn’t feel like it is. I think the arctic just decided to move down here for a few months!

It’s my first year commuting to work and I truly think I am allergic to this glacial air. The ice-cold wind was blowing yesterday, I was waiting at the bus stop standing face against it so, I couldn’t see the bus coming… Let me tell you, you made me miss my bus!! The wind blocked the sound and here it was, passing by, without me in it… and here I was having to stand for another 15 mins in this Arctic weather.

I survived of course, but my body sure didn’t like it. I am allergic to cold. It’s supposed to get worst in the next day or so… I am glad it is the weekend.

Who’s with me? 🙂

Happy Friday!


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