A world of spending with no time to live?

Life is too short not to do some things you love. What energizes you and keeps you passionate? John Maxwell 

This quote makes a lot of sense and who wouldn’t want to do the things they love?


For some people, including myself, have a hard time finding the things we love. It is true that life is short, but what if you don’t have the means to do what we love? They say money isn’t important. It is partly true, but without money, how can we do the things we love or desire? We live in a world that you need money for practically everything. We are lucky we don’t have to pay for breathing.

If I had a load of money, I would do so much more. Most of us only have money to live by with a once a year treat like a vacation which you work your ass off to manage to do that and sometimes we do it even if we can’t afford it because we need it.

In my opinion, we need so much more. We need to enjoy life every single day. But how can we get there in this world? It can be as simple as a massage, a pedicure, a haircut, go to a movie, have a pleasant dinner in a nice restaurant, and so much more… but all this costs money and we can’t do that too often if we want to have enough cash to pay the basic needs and not fall too deep into debts.

The same thing goes for time, we spend most of our days at work and when we go home, we barely have time to do something we love. On weekends, we spend the time to do chores and by the time you can finally do something, it’s time to go back to work. I don’t have kids and I feel that way, I can’t imagine being a parent. I sometimes observe parents with their kids and hear them talking about what they have to do and deal with. I give the thumbs up to all the parents out there. You’re amazing!

I find myself struggling sometimes between sitting down and relax, practicing guitar or go to the gym… the gym always wins as my health is a priority, relaxing in the evening on the weekend with an occasional practicing of my guitar here and there. I love music and it makes me sad to not have time to do that more being able to go on vacation more than once in a year…

Am I the only one feeling this way?

Photo by Kyle Broad on Unsplash

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