The Weekend has Arrived!

Happy Friday everyone!

For me, it was a short 3 day week, but it seemed like I did the full one. I must say that the extreme heat wave didn’t help.

Last night Mother Nature finally got angry and decided to put a break to this heat. Thunder, lightning and heavy rain were on the menu. You could take a shower outside if you really wanted to. It started when I was halfway walking home. Thank goodness I had my umbrella! I will admit, I didn’t mind the rain per say, but when I see lightning and that I am outside in it, I get scared. I know the chances to get struck by lightning is very low, but still… It could be my day… lol. If my sandals were not slippery, I would have run. This was way out of my comfort zone. 🙂

The result of that thunderstorm was that this morning it was very comfortable outside. It was much needed as the poor grass was starting to become yellow and dry. Maybe a good day for a patio night?

The weekend looks promising! I hope you all enjoy it! I know I will!

Cheers to a gorgeous weekend!

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Photo by Wil Stewart on Unsplash



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