Sometimes We Have to Reach Out for Professional Help

As many knows, I have been dealing with foot pains for a few weeks now. I have been seeing a chiropractor/Acupuncturist/ART therapist for my jaw issue and this past Saturday, I have asked to do some work on my foot. It did work. The pain is still there, but much less. It did wonders when I had knee problems and I am sure it will help with this as well.

My chiropractor is also a runner. In fact, he has done a few IronMan before, so he knows a lot about running injuries and hiccups. He gave me an exercise to do, to help with my foot and it seems to be working. Just to say, that sometimes, we need to reach out to people that know their “shit” in order to improve our condition.

Although I skipped a run last Tuesday, I have done all my other runs this week. Sunday I even did the longest run thus far this year. A full 1-hour run! It actually felt great! The humidity got down a little last week, which helped a lot, but it’s back in force again. I hope it won’t be as warm for my 40 mins run tomorrow… It is damn hard to run in these conditions.

Last week, I wasn’t so sure about my 10 km, but this week I feel much more optimistic. I have run hills for a few months now and the route for my race is flat. If you take the humidity and warm out of the picture, I think will do great. As long as it’s not extremely windy, which it might since it’s beside the St. Lawrence River, but will see, maybe the wind will be in my back and will help me run faster! 🙂

Till next post,

Have a wonderful week!


Photo by JOSHUA COLEMAN on Unsplash

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