#FitnessJourney: Running Update 14/09/2018

Hello everyone,

Hope everyone had a good week!

I don’t know if it’s normal when it’s the final stretch of my training, but I have been exhausted lately. Last weekend, laziness kicked in and didn’t run my long run on Sunday. I must say, I was not feeling very well.

Laziness = Set back

Well, that laziness set me back a little on my Tuesday run. I wanted to die and my legs didn’t want to move. So from now on, I am not allowed to get lazy, even if it means to reduce the time of my runs. I need to at least keep my legs moving.

Misjudging my Route

Yesterday (Thursday), I was supposed to do a 40 mins run. I really didn’t want to go. I think I may be tired of running or because of the 10 km training, it’s just a bit too intense for my liking? I don’t know if it’s a normal process of the running training, but I think I may be tired of running because “I have to”, instead of running for “enjoyment”.

Is anyone feeling that way when training for a race?

Anyway, enough complaining and let’s get back on topic. Yesterday when I decided on my route, I remembered a route my husband and I did, which in my head was only 35 mins. WEELLL, I misjudged my route! It ended up being almost an hour long!

For someone not feeling it at the start, it’s not bad, right? I actually felt pretty good about it. I just did a bit more than I was supposed to. I guess it compensates for the laziness of the weekend.

This coming Sunday, I have 65 mins to do. I hope it’s not going to be too warm or pouring rain.

Let’s see what happen.


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