#fitnessJourney: My Running Update 09/04/2018

Hello everyone, Hope everyone enjoyed their labor day weekend! Who doesn't like long weekends? 🙂 First of all, I would like to apologize for not being consistent in my writing lately. I have been feeling low with lack of inspirations and lack motivation. I am feeling a little worthless and not going anywhere right now...... Continue Reading →

Momentum Killer

Do you have those days that you've have limited time to achieve something and someone comes to talk to you and you have to cut what you were supposed to do short? It happened to me yesterday. I was doing a lunchtime workout, which I have literally 45 mins to do everything. Walk there, change,... Continue Reading →

#FitnessJourney: Take it easy

Hi everyone, This summer has been pretty tough weatherwise. From hot and humid to downpouring rain, it didn't stop me. Yes, there are a few days I missed because of it, but I made it up somehow. This week was an easier week, but my foot also started to act up. Like I mentioned in... Continue Reading →

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